Hi! My name is Gonzalo Arrizon and I am a Retention Specialist at the STEM Center. Come see me if you want to learn about all of our resources and how best to prepare for academic opportunities in STEM.  Writing an essay for scholarships, internships, or transfer? I can provide guidance and feedback on personal statements.  Want to learn more about strategies to be successful in your classes, or just how to connect with professors, tutors, and other students in STEM? Drop-in anytime!  Hablo Español.  My office is located in 9-251B, or you can contact me at (650) 306-3463 and/or


Hello! My name is Sally Heath (or Health) and I am a Retention Specialist here in the STEM Center. It’s my job to help you do well in school, whether that means connecting you with our STEM Center resources and programs or any other services on campus, or working with you one-on-one to review classes, homework, scheduling, or any other life issues that might affect your school experience. Ask me how it took me 9 years to get my Bachelor’s Degree, or come talk to me about what your super power would be if you had one!  My office is located in 9-251B, or you can contact me at or (650) 381-3556 (phone)

Hi! My name is Josue Alcaraz and I am the Program Coordinator for EPIC and tutoring at the STEM Center. I grew up in San Jose, a first-generation graduate and speak both English and Spanish. If you need help finding a tutor, looking to learn more about EPIC, interested in becoming an EPIC or tutor, or want to talk about San Jose Earthquakes soccer come find me in the STEM Center! My office is located next to 9-257A, or you can contact me at 650-381-3589 and/or

Cathy Lipe( MESA Coordinator)


Sandra Rodrigues ( STEM Counselor

Fall Hours:

Tuesday: 9am-3pm

Wednesday: 9am-1pm

Thursday: 9am-3pm


Quick Questions?

Email me at  OR

See me at the STEM Center during my drop-in hours on:

Wednesdays from 11am-12pm

Thursdays from 11:30am – 12:30pm


Rance Bobo

STEM Programs Relationship Coordinator

(p) 650-381-3559


Drop-in University Information: Check in with Rance who is organizing university trips and can share info with you about upcoming trips as well as info we have learned on previous trips. Tuesdays 1-3pm in The STEM Center


Hey! My name is Marcella Grant. I am a first generation student (from Sacramento) that majored in Electrical Engineering at San Jose State University. I am the STEM Center Assistant Project Director. I handle the behind-the-scenes stuff that makes the STEM center run (mostly has to do with money and paperwork). If you have ideas or suggestions on how to make the STEM center better, please let me know. My office is located in 18-108, or you can contact me at 650-306-3321 and/or