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Want to work for the STEM Center as a Tutor, Student Assistant or Ambassador? Apply here
* Tutors require a faculty reference emailed to Josue –


Internship at Menlo Security – Quality Assurance Testing

Menlo Security is hiring part time Quality Assurance Testers and is making job offers now! The ideal candidate is a STEM major who has a basic understanding of web browser concepts, great communication skills, and a strong attention to detail. No programming is required for the job. Computer Science or Computer Engineering majors are ideal candidates but they don’t have to be far along in their programming to do a good job. This is an opportunity to be in a small company that is growing rapidly and has been using Canada College CS majors (as well as other STEM majors) for Quality Assurance testing for several summers and during the school year.

Hours will be part-time during the semester or summer 30 hours per week -- $15/hour. Students might work on Friday plus one or two part-days to fit with their school schedule.

Location – Palo Alto
More about the company

To Apply: Khasha wants you to email a resume to him directly -- – and include in the email a description of why you are interested in the opportunity and how you would be a good fit for the job.

NASA – Community College Aerospace Scholars (NCAS)commit to a one-semester relationship with NASA Johnson Space Center (JSC), including on-line projects followed by a 3 day experience during the spring semester held at a NASA center. US Citizen
November 16
Cancer Research - National Cancer Institute for students who have already spent one summer doing research, have a 3.2 GPA and meet other eligibility requirements - here is a chance to get an introduction to cancer research careers.
November 16
Canada College ASPIRES Scholars Program Winter Internship
$600 for a two-week Introduction to Research Internship Program for Canada College STEM students. Held during the winter break (Jan 2-13th Mon-Fri 9am-3pm), the program will introduce you to research and cover the following topics: applying for internships; introduction to the research process; university laboratory tours; university transfer process for community college students; preparing for up-coming math and/or physics courses (Math Jam and Physics Jam). Participants will be given consideration for the ASPIRES Summer Group and Individual Internships.
To Apply go to:

November 20
Health Career Connection (HCC) provides a summer internship to undergraduate students interested in careers in public health and healthcare (open to any/all immigration status). Offers are made as applications are received.

Past participants: Erendira Calderon

December 7
Summer Research @ U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS)for rising junior students (transferring this fall) and majoring in homeland security related science, technology, engineering and mathematics majors. US Citizens 3.3 GPA TRANSFERRING STUDENTS
December 16
NASA Space BIOMEDICAL Research hands-on biomedical research at 4 NASA labs. TRANSFERRING STUDENTS
December 31
Dept of Energy – Community College Internships (CCI)all STEM majors. Berkeley Labs, Princeton, Stanford Linear Accelerator (SLAC), Livermore Labs, Fermi Lab (Chicago), Natl Renewable Energy Lab (Colorado), New York, Portland and more.
Past participants: William Barros, Fidel Salgado, Esther Chan, Alex Ramos, Martin Adams, and more…

January 13
Stanford STARS (Science, Technology & Reconstructive Surgery) (unpaid)A Summer Internship at Dr. Jill Helms lab at Stanford University is part of her ongoing effort to get students interested in Science. The laboratory is located at the Hagey/PSRL building in the Stanford Campus. Our laboratory is committed to sharing with the selected candidates the excitement, sense of discipline, and great satisfaction that a career in science can be. Internships are awarded to students interested in pursuing careers in the biomedical/biological sciences to work on a research project that entails exposure to the latest biochemical, molecular, and analytical techniques in a given field.!resume/c46c
Deadline last year January 15
Center for Sensorimotor Neural Engineering @ Univ of Washington (Seattle) summer research for engineering or science majors interested in the brain, robotics and neurological signals. Mention MESA and you will get extra consideration! stipend, free housing, free travel opens in November.
Also a version of the program for veterans
Deadline last year January 15
National Institutes of Health – Community College Summer Internship Program in Biomedical Research (LOTS of majors!) The NIH Community College Summer Enrichment Program (CCSEP) is to increase the number of community college students who participate in the NIH Summer Internship Program. The long-term goal is to increase the number of community college students who transfer to four-year colleges and universities and consider careers in the biomedical sciences. In addition to performing full-time research in a laboratory or on a project at the NIH, CCSEP interns will meet each week as a group to participate in workshops and courses focused on the development of academic and professional skills in preparation for careers in health care and in social, behavioral, and biomedical research.

January 16
TRANSFERS - Careers In Transportation for Youth (CITY) Internship Program The 10-week program provides internships and mentoring at transit agencies, private transit-related consulting firms, transportation service providers, manufacturers and suppliers in local COMTO Chapters across the country. The internship program focuses on students who have an interest in public transportation or a transportation related career.
January 21
TRANSFERS - Summer Public Health Scholars Program @ Columbia (NY City) learn about public health and biomedical science careers. Open to transferring students (must be accepted to a 4-year university), juniors, graduating seniors or recent grads (within one year of graduation). Minimum GPA 2.7
Deadline late January
UC Berkeley Transfer to Excellence Summer Research Center for Energy Efficiency is partnering with the Center of Integrated Nanomechanical Systems, and the Synthetic Biology Engineering Research Center to provide paid research opportunities for community college students. 3.25 GPA (in math, science and engineering courses), completed Math 252 and three (3) science or engineering courses by June 2018, will be returning to Canada College in 2018-19 (applying to transfer fall 2019).
January 26
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Ernest F. Hollings (Hollings) Internship and Scholarship Awards include up to $8,000 per year for full-time study, $6,500 for full-time summer internship position at a NOAA facility; and, if reappointed, up to $8,000 for full-time study for a 2nd year. Plus paid summer internship

NOAA Educational Partnership Program - and Hollings Program
January 29
Mathematical Biosciences Institute – summer research -The goal of this MBI NSF-funded program is to introduce students to exciting new areas of mathematical biology, to involve them in collaborative research with their peers and faculty mentors, and to increase their interest in mathematical biology.
January 31
Dartmouth Summer Undergraduate Research for science, math and engineering majors
Past Acceptances: Fidel Salgado, Mayra Rios
February 1
Summer Programs for Undergrad Research (SPUR) @ UCLAvarious programs for many majors
February 1
Research @ MD Anderson (UT Health Summer Research)variety of opportunities for students interested in research related to health
February 1
Science, Math & Engineering Internships @ U of Nebraskasummer research in Bioenergy, Biomedical Engineering, Chemistry, Earth Science, Math, Nanomaterials/science, Optics & Laser Physics, Biology & Virology -- stipend, free housing, free travel opens mid-Nov
Past participants: Bushra Bibi
February 1
Summer Research at Private Universities - The Leadership Alliance dozens of top private universities offer summer research experiences via the Leadership Alliance program. For students with an interest in pursuing graduate school. All majors!
Past participants: Mayra Rios (Brown)
February 1
Summer ACCESS @ Weill Cornell Medical School for students in the biomedical sciences. Interns are given hands-on experience in a biomedical research lab. Selected students are placed in laboratories at the Weill Cornell Medical College under the mentorship of an experienced faculty member. opens in Nov.
February 1
Summer Internship Program (SIP) @ Johns Hopkins School of Medicine biomedical and/or public health research is to encourage students to consider careers in science, medicine and public health. opens Nov 1st
February 1
UCSF Summer Research a variety of programs with one application, including Summer Research Training Program, Molecular Biosciences Research Experience for Undergraduates and Biophysics Program Internship
February 1
TRANSFERS - Re-Inventing the Nation’s Urban Water Infrastructure (ReNUWIt) summer research at Stanford, Berkeley, Colorado School of Mines, or New Mexico State University -- stipend, free on-campus housing, free travel
February 1
3-week Global Environmental Microbiology (GEM) Summer Course three weeks (June 10-29). Students will spend the first few days of the course at the University of Southern California campus in Los Angeles, California and the remaining time at the Wrigley Marine Science Center on Santa Catalina Island. Learn about microbial ecology, explore DNA, genetics and genomics and their function in the environment. All expenses paid, no stipend.

Past participant: Jessica Angel-Gonzales
February 1
Plant Genome Research @ CornellPlant genomics, molecular biology, biochemistry, systems biology and more -- stipend, housing, food and airfare – 20% of last year’s participants were community college students opens in mid November
First Friday of February
Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute $5,000, housing at CSU Monterey Bay – potential internships in -- Ocean observation systems, Ocean-floor mapping, Web design, Sensor development, Geology, Microbiology, Physical oceanography, Electrical engineering, Mechanical engineering, Deep-sea ecology, In situ chemical analyses, Software engineering, Video technology and Science writing . Will open in Nov
February 2
California Academy of Sciences (in SF) info on volunteer opportunities (unpaid, year-round)
Paid 8-week summer internship
February 3
Ecology Biology Research @ Harvard Forest Projects in the summer will focus on: Invasive Plants, Pests & Pathogens, Plant Biology, Population and Community Ecology, Large Ecosystem Experiments and Permanent Plot Studies, Conservation Biology and Biodiversity, Forest Ecosystem Response to Global Change, Soil Carbon and Nitrogen Dynamics and more. Stipend, housing and travel
February 5
Research on Adaptation to Climate Change (Vermont EPSCoR)all STEM majors - spend the summer researching impact of climate change (science, math, engineers interested in envt issues) They REALLY want community college students! - check out 2105 project areas and apply online.
February 6
TRANSFERS - Conservation Scholars Programs all STEM majors, interested in environment conservation and environmental justice. Five different universities run these programs - apply the summer before you start at a 4-year university. Open to dreamers too.
Deadline varies by site
CODE2040 Technical Applicant Prep program
Computer Science Latino and African American students - sign up to get ready to apply for high-tech internships
National Park Service - Latino Heritage Program spend the summer as a paid intern at a National Park!
February 6
SRI Molecular Physics Lab located in Menlo Park
February 8
National Institute on Drug Abuse Summer Research for Underrepresented Studentsvarious locations, hundreds of project sites, list of projects available each January.

February 10
Problem-based Initiatives for Powerful Engagement and Learning In Naval Engineering and Science (PIPELINES) @ UC Santa Barbara an exciting opportunity for science and engineering undergraduates to participate in an 8-week immersive experience, where teams of students compete in finding the most innovative and effective design solutions to real-world Naval engineering and science design projects.
February 12
Physics Research Experiences @ UC Davis Strong preference is given to students who have completed at least one year of calculus based introductory physics. Free housing and meals, a $300/week stipend, and travel. Will accept non-citizens only if they can provide their own funding. 13
TRANSFERS - Math Research in Industrial Projects for Students (RIPS) @ UCLA (plus sites in Hong Kong) Sponsored by UCLA's Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics, this program creates teams of four undergraduates paired with faculty mentors and industry liaisons to investigate real-world industrial problems sponsored by an industry partner. stipend, plus room and board. Applicants should have completed upper-division math classes and have some background in computer programming
February 14
Yosemite Environmental Science Research get out in the field and do research at Yosemite! Research projects, spanning a broad range of disciplines such as Ecology, Geoscience, Biodiversity, Conservation, Restoration, Hydrology, and Engineering. Research training is provided by mentors from UCM (Schools of Natural Sciences, Engineering, and Social Sciences) and the USGS Western Ecological Research Center. Students also participate in a series of field trips led by teams of UCM, USGS, and NPS scientists focusing on Yosemite and the Sierra Nevada.
deadline last year February 15
HACU National Internship Program (HNIP) @ Various Locations paid summer internships at federal agencies and private corporations in Washington, D.C. and throughout the country. Over the past fifteen years, HNIP has placed over 7,000 college students in rewarding and challenging internships matching their majors and career goals. Interns have enhanced their professional skills through placements in departments of public affairs, accounting, human resources and information technology, as well as laboratories, hospitals, airports, and national forests and parks, among others. Some intern assignments have included completing and analyzing research, writing speeches, conducting audits, performing land surveys, creating web pages, conducting community health surveys and developing outreach strategies for under-served populations. You do not need to be Hispanic to apply.
February 15
Summer Research at Georgia Tech - Chemical Ecologynvestigate some of the most challenging problems in environmental sciences! Open to nearly every STEM major - bio, chem, engineering.
February 15
Engineering Research at Cornell (Ithaca, NY)Students who are rising sophomores (you will have only one year left at Canada or are transferring this fall), interested in gaining a deeper understanding in an engineering-related field, have the opportunity to conduct and present research with a Cornell Engineering faculty research mentor. They are looking for community college students (Cornell is one of the few Ivy League universities that accepts a lot of transfer students).
February 15
IBM Almaden Research Internships for Black, Hispanic & Native American Students$8,000 to work at IBM this summer (students in their final year at community college should apply) - no citizenship restriction.
February 15
IBM Research Internships for WomenMust be female and in your final year at community college with a 3.0+ GPA, majoring in chemistry, physics, materials science or engineering, computer science or engineering, chemical, electrical, mechanical engineering,. No citizenship restriction.
February 15
Space Sciences Lab @ UC Berkeleygoal is to better understand Earth's atmosphere and space environment, the Sun, Solar System, and the Universe. Ten, paid summer internships are available for community college and first generation students to conduct cutting-edge research projects, supervised by leading experts in the space science and engineering fields.
February 15
Northwestern University Materials Research Science & Engineering Center students are rising junior and seniors, though we encourage exceptional younger students who have some independent research experience to apply .
February 15
Math Undergrad Research Program (MSRI-UP) at UC Berkeley designed for undergraduate students who have completed Math 253 and would like to conduct research in the mathematical sciences.
February 15
STEP-UP Natl Institutes of Health research opportunities for students interested in exploring research careers in the biomedical, behavioral, clinical and social sciences. The program provides exposure to the areas of diabetes, endocrinology and metabolic diseases; digestive diseases and nutrition; kidney, urologic and hematologic diseases. Click here to apply!
February 15
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Minority FellowshipsMinority Fellowships are awarded to minority undergraduates who have completed at least one year of undergraduate study and who have academic interests in physical or natural science, mathematics, engineering, or marine policy. WHOI's aim is to provide promising students from underrepresented groups with a meaningful first-hand introduction to research in oceanography, oceanographic engineering, or marine policy. opens mid-November.
February 15
Distributed Research Experiences for Undergraduates in Computing (DREU) Computer Science & Computer Engineering majors! DREU matches promising undergraduate women and undergraduate men from groups underrepresented in computing with a faculty mentor for a summer research experience. Many different locations - 66 students were selected last year! Rolling admissions
February 15
Cornell Nanotechnology REU en-week summer internships - $5,000 stipend, free housing on Cornell’s campus and travel. Hands-on nanoscience and technology research open to engineering science majors.TRANSFERRING STUDENTS
February 15 5 pm PST
Cañada College ASPIRES Summer Engineering Research Internshipsearn $5,000 for ten weeks for a full-time position, or $3,000 for a half-time position doing research at SFSU. Canada students majoring in Civil Engineering, Computer Science/Engineering, Electrical Engineering, or Mechanical Engineering. Among the applicants for the the full-time ASPIRES Group Research Internship Program, six (6) students will be selected to be ASPIRES Research Fellows, and will be doing research at either NASA Ames, UC Merced, San Francisco State University, or Stanford University. The selection of the ASPIRES Fellows will be based on student qualifications, areas of interest, and the needs of the hosting institutions. There is no separate application for the ASPIRES Fellows Program. A completed application for a full-time ASPIRES Summer Group Research Internship qualifies a student for consideration to be an ASPIRES Fellow.
Past participants: dozens of Canada College STEM members (13-15 students each summer)

February 15
SFO Airport / City -Engineering, Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Planning, Survey and GIS -Internships Earn $10,000 this summer! SFO and other San Francisco City & County departments accept applications for the paid student summer internship program in the areas of Engineering, Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Planning, Survey and GIS 15
Org for Tropical Studies - REU for US Underrepresented Students do science research in Costa Rica, $4,000 stipend plus all travel, housing and food expenses - run by the Organization for Tropical Studies
February 17
Stanford & UCSF - Arthritis Foundation Summer Summer Internship hands on experience in the fields of rheumatology and immunology, with a focus on arthritis and related autoimmune diseases. Interns participate in either basic laboratory (bench) research or clinical translational/epidemiological (patient outcomes oriented) research. Open to local high school juniors and seniors too.
February 21
SPUR Program @ U of OregonResearch areas include evolution, developmental biology, genomics, structural biology & biophysics, molecular biology, bioinformatics, genetics, cell biology, neuroscience, ecology, marine biology, computational biology, biochemistry, bioorganic chemistry, neurobiology & physiology, psychology, exercise and movement science, human physiology, cognitive neuroscience. rolling admissions, apply now.
February 21
Microorganisms - Community College Group Research at USCPaid stipend, 9-week, residential, research internship at USC. Conduct research 40 hours/week in a microbiology/geochemistry lab (Please note: you will be working in teams on the same project with fellow community college students). Only requirement is that you have taken ONE science course by June. Click to learn more and applyFebruary 23
Teach! K-12 Summer Breakthrough Collaborative Sites 26 different locations across the US (including San Jose and San Francisco) interested in a possible career teaching? find out what it's like to teach K-12 kids. You'll have support from experienced teachers.
February 23
Earthquake Center Internships- do lab and field research at the Southern California Earthquake Center - work with geophysics, earthquake geology, tectonics and
February 24
Earthquake Information Technology @ Univ of Southern California (USC) work on technical tools for scientists, educators and policy makers about earthquakes, faults and risk reduction. Use your computer science skills.
February 24
Chemistry Summer Research @ USC Projects involve experimental techniques such as molecular-scale imaging, femtosecond time-resolved observations, X-ray crystallography, etc. Theoretical investigations exploit computer simulations and graphics to investigate processes of biochemical and material applications. Also included are projects in other areas of organic, inorganic, and physical chemistry.Included will be tours of the Loker Hydrocarbon Research Institute, the Molecular Robotics Lab, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and other research labs in the LA area.
February 24
CENTC Undergraduate Summer Research Program (15 locations!) Get practical experience in Chemical Sciences this summer. CENTC invites college students with an interest in chemistry to apply for a unique summer research program offered at 15 different locations.
February 25
American Society of Plant Biologists created SURF to encourage students to pursue advanced degrees and careers in plant biology. SURF helps students conduct meaningful research in plant biology at their home institutions early in their college years.
February 26
Nano-Bio Interface Research Program @ U of Pennsylvania - research experience in nanobiotechnology with structured professional development focused on cross-cultural issues. The focus of the research is molecular interactions at the interface of physical and biological systems organized around themes of molecular motion, opto-electronic function of biomolecules, and single molecule probes. Majors - materials science, mechanical engineering, chemistry, physics, bioengineering, physiology, chemical engineering, and electrical engineering.
February 27
Promoting Underrepresented Minorities Advancing in the Sciences (PUMAS) a paid biomedical research internship. Gladstone is a non-profit biomedical research organization located on UCSF’s Mission Bay campus in San Francisco. PUMAS interns are paired with a scientific mentor and work on an individual research project in one of our laboratories. PUMAS interns work full-time (~32hrs/week - Mon 6/16 – Fri 8/8) and participate in a final poster session where they present their research findings to the scientific community at Gladstone & UCSF.
February 27
TRUST Cybersecurity @ UC BerkeleyComputer Science majors, 3.5GPA, completed 2 Calc classes and programming, returning to Canada College for the 2016-17 school year. Housing, stipend, research experience.
February 28
Stanford Summer Community College Pre-Med Program (Stanford School of Medicine)a new, six-week residential program for STEM majors interested in pursuing a career in medicine. Includes housing and food on-campus.
February 28
Facebook University Internship for students in Computer Science or Computer Engineering who have completed one CS course.
February 28
MIRTHE @ Princeton, Johns Hopkins, Rice, UMBC, TX A&M, City College of NYresearch at the forefront of mid-IR spectroscopy and engineering. March 1
Internships in Photonics @ UC Santa Barbara, U of Arizona and MIT 8 weeks, stipend, free housing & travel – targeted for community college students .
March 1
University of Minnesota – Various Programs Last year, over 200 undergraduate students from across the US participated in summer research programs including – Bioinformatics, Chemistry, Electrical & Computer Engineering, Geology/Geophysics, Invasive Plant Species, Life Sciences, Material Science & Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Earth Surface Dynamics, Physics/Astronomy and Scientific Computing & Graphics. Something for any STEM major!!
Various deadlines Feb/March
Math Summer Research - Complexity Across Disciplinesmath majors! 9 weeks, free travel, housing and food allowance plus $4000 stipend
March 1
UCLA PREP (pre-med/pre-dental)– UCLA PREP is a seven-week program designed to provide premedical and predental students from disadvantaged backgrounds with a means of strengthening their ability and readiness to study medicine or dentistry. Opens Jan 1st
March 1
Cancer Research @ Charles Drew / UCLA Cancer CenterThe Undergraduate Cancer Research Training Program (UCRTP) is a 12-week summer internship hosted by the Center to Eliminate Cancer Health Disparities at Charles Drew University (CDU), in partnership with the Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center at UCLA. It is designed for outstanding minority and underrepresented undergraduate students who are contemplating a career in biomedical-related sciences and working with underserved communities
March 1
Math REU @ Boise, Idaho
math research with applications to genome biology or information security. Free on-campus housing at Boise State, food, plus stipend. Also get 3 upper division math credits from Boise State. Opens soon
March 1
Engineering @ Cornell 10-week, $3,400 plus paid housing and travel.
March 1
UC Irvine Summer Undergrad Research Fellowships (SURF) for students transferring to a 4-year university as a junior - on-campus housing, stipend, plus travel (materials will be updated soon).
Deadline last year March 1
Physics Summer Research Program @ U of Idaho or engineering, science or physics majors - stipend, plus free housing and travel.
Deadline last year March 1
Princeton Center for Complex Materials 8 weeks, $4,000 stipend & travel – science & engineering majors
March 1
Hugh Edmondson Research Internship @ UC Davis Med School for students with a strong interest in the health sciences such as clinical laboratory scientist and cytotechnologists.
March 1
Summer Medical & Dental Program (SMDEP)a fantastic program for pre-med or pre-dental students - 12 locations at med schools -- UCLA has a PREFERENCE for community college students!, 5-weeks, free housing/food, stipend, 2.5 GPA opens Nov 1st.
Feb 1st and March 1st
NASA internships spend the summer working for NASA. Open to a wide variety of STEM majors - Math, Biology, Computer Science, Engineering
Click here for info and application
March 1
TRANSFERS _ AIM - Applications in Modern Materials Summer Research Engineering, Math, Chemistry and Physics students spend 10 weeks at UC Merced doing research in modern materials- $5000 plus housing, food and travel. Visit Lawrence Livermore National Lab.
March 1
Ocean research! Bigelow Laboratory's summer REU ProgramResearch areas vary year to year, but include the marine microbial food web, ocean biogeochemistry, optical oceanography, remote sensing, sensory biology, climate change and fisheries oceanography.
Deadline last year was March 1
Smart Lighting Engineering Summer Undergraduate Research @ RPIImagine a world where efficient, digital lighting makes us healthier and more productive, produces significant energy savings, and even provides wireless, optical access to the internet. The Smart Lighting Engineering Research Center will develop new technologies and applications to change the way society uses lighting.stipend, free furnished on-campus housing, travel reimbursement, and ongoing support after the program ends.
March 3
Computer Science Research @ USC (Univ of S. California)opportunities to participate in computer science research (software engineering, algorithms, networks, robotics and artificial intelligence). Majors - computer science, computer engineering, electrical engineering or math. http://reu.usc.eduMarch 5
RUMBA Molecular Biology @ SJSU summer research for biology majors.
March 7
National Center for Toxicological Researchopportunities to participate in research on the biological effects of potentially toxic chemicals and the solutions to toxicology problems that have a major impact on human health and the environment. Majors -- biological sciences; chemistry; computer sciences; mathematics; medicine; toxicology; pharmacology; related scientific disciplines applications accepted year round .
MATE - Marine Advanced Technology Education Center
- a focus on marine technology. All STEM majors
March 11
City of Hope Cancer Research Labs Internships for undergrads and high school students interested in biomedical research at a Comprehensive Cancer Center.
March 14
Indigenous America to Indigenous Borneo-Adventures in Biology and Biodiversity Spend your summer in Malaysia and Minnesota doing research.
Past participants: Aphrodite Kostakis
March 15
ARCHIMEDES Summer Research Program Applied ResearCH In ModEling and Data-Enabled ScienceGet experience using the fundamentals of mathematics to model, analyze and compute solutions to real-world problems.
March 15
Astronomy & Physics Research @ Texas A&M for community college students interested in physics and astronomy.
March 15
Biomed! Summer Multicultural Advanced Research Training (SMART) Program brings freshman and sophomores to the UNT Health Science Center campus to participate in a 10-week biomedical sciences project.
March 22
Google Summer of CodeSpend your summer break writing code and learning about open source development while earning money!
March 25
Women coders Open Source Software Deadline Last year March 30
Prep Medico: UC Davis for students interested in becoming a physician and serving the Latino community. 2.85 GPA, completion of English 100 and Chem 210 or General Biology.
March 31
Dept of Energy - MEISPP Internships work at a Dept of Energy lab or other locations, 3.0 GPA, US Citizen, all STEM majors (and more) housing, travel, plus stipend.
March 31
NASA MUREP Tuition Scholarship plus Internshipthis program offers to pay your tuition and also $6000 for a summer internship at NASA. US citizens, 3.0 GPA most STEM majors .
March 31
Biology Research - Oklahoma and Turkey summer research in Turkey and Oklahoma .
Past accepted students: Aphrodite Kostakis
Deadline last year March 31
Mentorship - Latinos on the Fast Track Exxon/Mobile Mentor for Engineering Majors$1,000 for completing five mentoring sessions (online or via phone/email)! Opportunity to apply for paid summer internships. 3.5 GPA required
April 11
Math Program Internship – Valdes Math Institute (program sites at Stanford and Notre Dame de Namur) looking for students in Math 120 and above who want to spend the summer helping middle school students learn math (pay is $13.50/hour, full-time summer, plus you can work Math Jam too). They love finding students who struggled in middle school and are now in college! Apply online to get an interview
National Institutes of Health – Bridges to the Baccalaureate Biomedical Research Internship at SFSUSTEM majors at Canada College, Skyline, CSM or SF City College who have an interest in biomedical fields – focused on Latino, African American, Native American and US Pacific Islander students. Get an application from Cathy - 9-251A Click for info about the Bridges Research Internship
Microsoft - Explore Microsoft internshipfor students in Computer Science or Computer Engineering who have completed a CS course. Apply Now!
Lots of internships @ CalOpps your place to find internships in public agencies (great for Civil Engineers, all STEM majors, even some non-STEM opportunities). Apply on-line – some openings have deadlines others are open until filled. Some openings during the school year, many more openings will be posted for summer internships.
CHCI-United Health Foundation (UHF) Scholar Intern Program helps students (including DACA students) pursuing health-related careers receive scholarship funds as well as hands-on experience through a paid internship at a community-based health organization.
April 28
UCLA Community College Scholars1-week summer experiences at UCLA plus one-day workshops during the year -- for community college students (open to all immigration status)
May 1
USDA jobs and internshipsoffers summer internships
NASA – Community College Aerospace Scholars (NCAS) commit to a one-semester relationship with NASA Johnson Space Center (JSC), including on-line projects followed by a 3 day experience during the fall semester held at a NASA center.
Past participants: Omar Arriaga, Sagar Singh, Marjorie Martinez, Jenna Murphy, Jeremy Morales, David Alvarez, Fernando Lorenzo and many Canada College STEM majors!
June 1 (for participation in the fall)
UC TRANSFERS – September one-week! - explore teaching with UCSC CalTeachfor any STEM major transferring this fall (to any campus, not just UCSC) $450 stipend.
June 6
ScienceNet Huge searchable database of internships for science & engineering majors.
Pathways to SCIENCE
For Undergraduates: Paid Summer 2015 Undergraduate Research Placements: Over 800 programs – REU, NASA and other paid summer research opportunities for undergrads 
For tips on applying and associated resources:
Ocean Sciences:
For opportunities in Engineering:
Math research opportunities
Great way to learn about health care majors.
Lots of opportunities for pre-health students
Tons of summer programs for pre-health students
INROADSINROADS is an organization that helps students get connected with internships in industry. Apply to INROADS and they will help match you with a summer internship.
PG&E search for jobs and apply online
AT&T student internships
Many Companies & Public Policy Internships – Latinos on the Fast Track (LOFT) & HSF toocheck out and apply for a wide variety of summer internships .
ENTRY POINTis a program of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) for students with apparent and non-apparent disabilities in science, engineering, mathematics, computer science. Students are matched with internships at IBM, NASA, Merck, Google, Lockheed Martin, CVS, NAVAIR, Pfizer, Infosys, Shell, Procter & Gamble and university science laboratories
NASA-supported internships, fellowships and scholarships:
IBM Click Career
Facebook Intern opportunities.
Kaiser Permanente
US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
Student Jobs in the Federal Government Agencies
Code2040 - Software Development Internships CODE2040 brings Black and Latino/a students together for a life-changing summer fellowship. Your summer will consist of a well-paid software development internship with a top tech company, individual mentoring, a speaker series, workshops, coaching, and more. Come meet executives at tech powerhouses like Google and Facebook, pick the brains of partners at top venture firms, and get mentored by founders and senior engineers, all while coding at a top Silicon Valley company.
November 1
Google - Engineering Practicum internship for students in Computer Science or Computer Engineering who have completed a CS course. 10